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About Us

We -AlMaghthawi & Partners- have committed ourselves to enhance our legal profession and ethic with substantial loyalty and honesty in performing our obligation. Thus, we put the honor of competency as guidance to achieve our missions and visions.
AlMaghthawi & Partners is a professional company incorporated under the laws of Saudi Arabia, specialized in providing the finest legal services and advocacy to governmental organizations, corporate entitles banks and individuals with their business within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Globally.
Our highly talented lawyers are well known in providing legal support to business entities, legal affairs as well as undertaking the best endeavor to develop, enhance, safeguard and protect the interests of our clients.
We offer our legal services in compatible with very high well-known standards internationally and domestically. The success of our clients’ businesses, maintaining their rights and reaching their planned future are the basis of evaluating the quality of our legal services and advices. The higher degree of success that we aspire to reach is through rendering necessary legal services based on the highest degree of competency and legal professions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading firm domestically and internationally in providing legal services as well as valuing the client’s trust in delivering our legal services, advocacy and settling disputes through amicable solutions.
The ultimate objective of our team is to protect the interest of foreign investors who are interested in doing business and investment within the geographical areas of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally.
Our teams’ vision is always to provide guidance and legal services in a very efficient and professional and timely manner to meet all the needs of our valuable clients and to reach the ultimate satisfaction.
In lines with the 2030 Saudi Arabia vision, that aims to move the kingdom forward to pursue with an alternative potential source of income, diversified and variable economic and financial resources instead of merely depending only on oil revenue. Alongside, the Kingdom strategic geographical position and its economical position has increased globally that inevitably attract investors and stimulate foreign investments. We strive to reach the highest level of performance in legal fields and compete positively domestically and globally to place our company on the top of professionalism and perfection.